In today's dynamic and competitive 3C market, color and design are important factors that affect consumers' purchase decisions.

What kind of 3C products do consumers want? Colorful, wear-resistant and delicate products. So our customers choose to work with Donglai to find solutions. Through innovation and collaboration, we have created a series of products to help customers provide more cool devices for consumers.

Donglai has formed a team of scientists, including chemists, physicists, as well as experienced color experts and technology application experts, who work together to help manufacturers quickly design, transform technology into products, and then quickly integrate into the supply chain.

In 2015, Donglai acquired a professional 3C coating enterprise - Fengcai coating, which has a deep understanding of the demand side and a strong combination of the supply side manufacturing. Donglai has a keen grasp of the cutting-edge 3C industry coating demand and material technology tracking, and has given full play to Donglai's strong integrated supply capacity of R & D, production, marketing and service, creating a new situation. Through "interactive" independent R & D and "customized" mode, Donglai has become a new functional coating material manufacturer providing customers with systematic coating solutions.
Donglai 3C solution development history

In 2014, "elecblock low capacitance electrical coating" was certified by sharp and applied to aquos crystal mobile phones,. In 2015, CFS primer provided a series of solutions and good coating performance for carbon fiber materials. In 2016, the high bake Ma primer / top coat high temperature application has more diversified color development options. In 2016, it passed the certification of ASUS computer quality control, coating process evaluation, environment and hazardous substances management three management systems. In 2016, anti vibration UV top coat tested the abrasion resistance of sheep felt up to 250000 times. In 2016, anti finger prints UV top coat showed excellent stain resistance. In 2018, 3C water-based paint and water-based ink system were successfully developed. In 2019, we have successfully developed low-cost UV, ceramic paint, self drying paint and other products, and rapidly achieved zero breakthrough in cosmetics and other fields.

Successful case
In 2014, Donglai elecblock low capacitance electrical coating obtained Sharp's only designated certification and was applied to aquos crystal borderless  phones.
The low capacitance electrical coating can effectively reduce the capacitance value of the coating and meet the strict capacitance value control requirements of 3C touch panel.

In 2016, Donglai passed ASUS quality control, coating process, environment and hazardous substances management three management system certification, and obtained ASUS coating supplier qualification. Recoat UV system, UV-monocoat system and quick drying PU leather paint system, are used  on models including ux481, w730, ux392, ux581, ux412, etc.
In response to Apple's pursuit of product innovation and environmental protection, Donglai has developed the industry's first water-based ink, which is applied to Apple's internal components. It is expected to be widely used in various models in the future.
The radium carving process developed by Donglai meets Huawei's multiple requirements for texture, quality and cost, and is used in mass production on P3 and S30 mobile phones.
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