We will change the world through color.

Beauty is priceless. The beauty of nature comes from its various colors. Beginning with color innovation through the elaborate production of coatings, from precise color matching to rigorous application standards - we make the colors that color the world.

Smarter Choice, Higher Benefits

Donglai Coating Technology is an emerging global paint company with a proud 21 years history. Donglai integrates global resources and world class management practices with a focus on local service and support. We help our customers solve quality, cost and efficiency problems, with simple, fast, certified solutions

From car refinishes to commercial fleets to OEM coatings for plastic parts; to Fluorocarbon protective coatings; to Consumer electronics coatings, Donglai continuously delivers ever increasing value for our customers.

Driven by Onwings, our world class refinishes brands; Donglai Technology is one of the fastest growing paint companies in the world with an average 24.5% growth per year over the past decade.

onwings products are certified for use by 31 global auto manufacturers;

onwings products is the choice of 4000+ car dealership collision shops;

onwings products are sprayed on millions of OEM bumpers, dashboards and other plastic parts;

onwings commercial and fleet finishes keep buses on the road in over 140 countries.

Besides manufactures world class coatings, Donglai creates beauty.

At Donglai we let our imaginations soar and that's a beautiful thing.

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