Color Solutions
Donglai works closely with OEMs on color information collections. Our color Laboratory makes sure a quick, easy and accurate access to color matching.
To help our customers making a easier and efficient color identification, we
developed several color tools, including online formula system, AI tech
spectrometer system and mobile apps.
Color Cloud PC
Reliable and efficient color digital solution.
Donglai Color Cloud PC is an easy to use color retrieval platform. It combined with formula checking, recording, sharing, spectrometer function and access
to automatic dispenser and smart scale.
It has everything you need for fast and efficient color management.
Download Here for installation
Formulas Online
Once accessed to internet, no matter where you are, you can always check formulas of all main car brands through our online Formula system. Color Cloud Website:
Mobile Solutions
Android devices:Download here Iphone /   Ipad:   search “Donglai colorcloud” in APP Store
One hand operation for better experience Wireless connection for portable use Touch Screen for convenient input Self testing and easier calibration
Save your time on colors
All Devices supported: Android,IOS,PC. Network environment: Online and Offline Connection mode: Plug in and Wireless
Formula Checking, recording and sharing
Auto correction, get the formula for your unique car
Access to Smart Scale and Dispenser
Color Cloud AI TECH Platform
Because of the color coat technology developments, the new car colors become more and more complicated. And the numbers of new colors is growing rapidly in recent years. Furthermore, since the globalization and rise of second car market, plus the complex situations of color difference between plastic parts and main body, repainted vehicles. There are much more color variants. These are big Challenges for traditional formula retrieval and color chips system.

Spectrophotometer solution definitely helps. Spectrophotometer match colors through the spectrum of target panels, instead of color codes which used in traditional tools.

And Donglai Spectrophotometer, with its auto correction function, will firstly find the closest spectrum in the formula database, and then maximally correct the spectrum gap between target panel and formula.

Online, Offline, Plug in, Wireless, PC, Android and IOS system are all supported.
Color Cloud AI tech Spectrophotometer
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